This past Christmas was a super exciting time in our house.

There was a high pitched shriek of excitement when the boys came down Christmas morning. This year there were oddly shaped gifts, which was very different to other years.

This year was definitely an investment in spending more time outside.

Boogie boards, bicycles and then the item they absolutely freak out over.

My husband decided it was time to invest in proper Scooters. Now when I say proper scooters I need to explain what we had 3 years ago. We were at a market in Hartebos and they were selling scooters. I thought at the time “wow, so cheap, what a bargain” and the boys didn’t have a scooter yet. Even though it was only like R300 it was such a waste of money.

My eldest was 5 at the time and this scooter was NOT appropriate for him. It had a super thin wheels with weird thin edges, not the best idea in hindsight. Neither of the kids could balance on it and it was heavy and just plain crap. Needless to say it was donated. Since then the boys never asked for scooters and were quite happy with their balancing bikes.

That was till about June last year, for the first time both boys asked for a scooter for their birthdays (August and September) At the time we were not able to get them scooters because we wanted to spend a bit more on a good quality scooter, so we decided to wait for Christmas.

My husband bought 2 YBIKE YBX Stunt Scooters. Money well spent.

This scooter is designed for ultimate durability. It has a reinforced aluminium deck, which is awesome for two little dudes who are new to scooting and still learning how to scoot and do tricks.

The YBX Stunt Scooter has, 100mm PU cast wheels, high speed bearings, an aluminium triple clamp and pro hand-grips. The age range for these scooters are 5 to 30 years. I have taken a spin a few times at the skate park and so has my husband, and I have to say it is quite addictive. The scooter also comes with grind pegs that can be attached when doing tricks on rails. We are yet to experiment with these babies, but I don’t think it will be long before they get taken for a spin.

A week after Christmas we took the boys to Battery Park, the lovely new public skate park close to the V&A Waterfront. I was amazed at how quickly the boys got the hang of balancing and using the brakes, even my 5 year old.

The hand grips provide a comfortable hold while clinging onto the scooter for dear life while doing tricks. They are soft yet very sturdy and provide great grip, even on hot, sweaty days.

The deck has enough space for both feet to fit comfortably while scooting.

The deck also swings around making it even more flexible for doing all sorts of tricks.

This mamma has a lot of scoot/stunt/trick lingo to still learn.

Between the first visit to Battery Park and the second my eldest went from just scooting, to doing hops, dropping into the bowl and even going down the stairs without missing a beat. Meanwhile my heart skipped a few beats.
These poor scooters have, in the last 4 months, been put through hell and they are still going strong, putting aside some nicks and scrapes, but considering the pummeling they get put through, they are in amazing shape, so they are indeed VERY durable.

Should you be looking at purchasing a scooter for your children, or even yourself anytime soon, I would highly recommend that you invest in a YBIKE scooter. They literally have a scooter for everyone.

From their 3 wheel range which is more suited for the little ones The Cruz and GLX Pro to the YBX which is made for doing tricks/stunts and finally the City Pacer, which can fold away very easily.

There is only one thing I would change about the YBX and that is that it could also fold up, but other than that this is the Rolls Royce of scooters.

The YBX is available from Takealot, Lino Skate Shop, YBIKE and Loot.


  • Rear flex brake
  • 110mm PU cast Wheels
  • Reinforced Concave Aluminium deck
  • High speed ABEC 9 Bearings
  • Steel Y-bar 460mm (Y)
  • Pro Hand Grips
  • Aluminium Triple Clamp
  • Steel Front Fork
  • Non Slip Deck




Orange & Black