Week 3 of school brought new challenges. This was our first proper full week of school including Extra Murals. The days feel a lot longer now, busier. My first alarm goes off at 5:30. I generally hit snooze 3 times and slowly wake up and then I am out of bed by 5:45. I go down, make myself some coffee, pack school snacks, and water bottles. Make sure the kids’ books are back in their bags after doing homework the day before. I pack sports bags/aftercare clothes, if and when needed. Then I sweep the floor and clean the kitchen. There are generally items in the basin from the night before, or the dishwasher needs to be unpacked. I also load washing.

By this time either one of both the boys has joined me downstairs. I then make them some breakfast. From there I wake up my husband and the kids and I get dressed and ready to go. We leave the house at 7:20. Depending on traffic, the kids generally walk-in at school as the first bell goes off at 7:50.

Back at home I tidy the rest of the house and get some work done.

Now that Extra murals have started and our are days are as follow
The kids’ school days end at 13:15 for Gr 1 and 14:15 for Gr 3.
Mondays, the boys have Cricket, so Liam 13:30-14:30 and Henri 14:30-15:30.
We collect the kids at 15:30 Mon-Thurs.
Tuesdays Liam has no extra murals and stays at aftercare. Henri has Tennis.
Wednesdays Liam has Ball Skills and Henri Chess.
Thursdays, if there is no Match they have Cricket practice.
Friday school is done and dusted for both at 13:15.

So our new norm is getting home at 4 pm Monday to Thursday. Then we do homework, which could be completed in 20min, but it takes us an hour because little brother can be very distracting.
The kids then play while I get dinner ready. Then it is the usual, dinner, shower and bedtime.

The afternoons are a massive rush and “stress” point for me because there is so much to do in a small time frame, but I am letting go of wanting to have it all done by a certain time. Washing can be taken down and folded at 8pm, it is fine. But by 9pm I am knackered and just want to get into bed. My husband and I watch some TV and I am generally in bed by 10pm.

Week 3 brought along two new first for us. The first being Liam and all the other Gr1’s being inducted. All the grade one’s were called on the stage, one by one, by the principal. They shook the principal’s hand and rang the bell. It was so super cute seeing all the little faces on stage, being welcomed into their new school.

Henri was chosen to play in the first Cricket match ever. He was so stoked. He had only had one practice the Monday and got chosen to play in the match on Thursday. On the Thursday, the excitement was clear from the moment he got up. He couldn’t wait for the school day to be done so he could play in his first match. We picked them up at 14:00 and drove to the school where the match was taking place. Henri was chosen as opening batsman. They play mini cricket, so the rules are a bit different. My husband and I were very confused, to say the least. But it was so nice to see how everyone got a chance. Henri missed the first ball, the second ball hit the stumps, third ball he hit but the bowler caught it, so technically he would have been out, twice, but because they have different rules he kept playing. On the fourth ball, he hit what would be a 4 in a normal game. Not sure how they score it, but he was very chuffed with himself, and so was dad off course.

Once the away team all had a chance to bowl and our team all batted they had a water break and swopped. Henri was first to bowl. He did very well, I knew from age 2 hat this child would play Cricket. he has a very accurate throw and a lot of power behind it. The fielding was interesting, all the other boys stayed on their spots, Henri, on the other hand, was all over the place, he just wanted to catch the players out and be part of the action. He hasn’t been chosen to play in the last 3 matches, but they have so many kids playing cricket and only 2 team that plays, so they try and rotate the kids to give them all a chance, which I love.

Henri’s second test went a LOT better, he received 14/14 for spelling, 18/20 for Afrikaans Spelling, 18/20 for math. Dictation was still very bad, but we will keep working on it.
What I love about his teacher, she said that with Creative writing she doesn’t like to be too strict with spelling and writing mistakes, because she says it is very demotivating when a child has written a beautiful story but then opens their book to red pen everywhere. So for her, it is more about the story they have written, than the spelling or grammar mistakes.

Henri is doing so well and I am just grateful that we were lucky enough to get placed with such a lovely teacher.