Raising Boys Part 1

Raising Boys Part 1

Most girls, with the exception of myself, are all about tea parties, , dressing up, makeup, dolls/babies and basically all things pink.  I was not your typical girl growing up, I played Rugby and Cricket with my cousins, I preferred my Lego’s over my Barbies and loved blue. I am only now in my 30’s starting to like pink and sure I had tea parties as a child, but I use to have mine with Morton Harket, George Michael and Simon Le Bon….

I have to say I was over the moon when I heard I was pregnant with a boy the first time. The second time around I was kind of hoping for a girl, but 5 years on, I can’t imagine my life without my second son. I m so happy to have 2 boys, I am definitely a boy mom, I would not know where to start with a girl.

So what are boys like?
Well, recently I saw a picture that said “Boy = noise covered in dirt” and you know what? This is quite accurate indeed and basically sums it up very well.

My boys aren’t all that dirty, to be honest, yet they make a big mess all over the place, all the time. BUT my oh my are they noisy!!! I sometimes end up with a major headache by 4 pm from all their noise. From car and lightsaber noises to shooting all mixed up with some “NO don’t do that” “NO that’s mine” and the odd fart and burp followed by giggles in between.  

There are screams and shouts and loud belly laughter and very recently beatboxing noises were added to the mix. After a while it ends up basically just being noise, you can’t really distinguish between the different sounds. That might also be because from time to time I zone out and I kind of drift of in my mind to a warm deserted island, lying on the warm sand being served Mojito’s and only hearing the crashing of the waves. A girl can daydream right.

Like I mentioned the noises you will be hearing is a lot like living next to a construction site or race track and to go with the noises your house will be filled with all kinds of transportation vehicles… Cars, trucks, bikes, trains, planes, more cars, helicopter and oh, have I mentioned cars? Not to mention the Lego blocks you will step on and the odd Stormtrooper or Marvel character you end up removing from under your bum once seated on the couch.

I think probably the worst thing so far for me, having two boys, would be the injuries. My heart and nerves can’t take it when my husband plays with the boys; I sometimes have to leave the room. They wrestle and tackle and he throws them in the air and then WWF smashes them on the bed. They absolutely love it and he does it all very carefully, but it still looks quite shocking sometimes.

Now I am not saying that girls don’t fall and get hurt, but boys just seem to be more prone to have scrapes and bruises and the odd unicorn like bump on their forehead. My eldest was only 18 months when he had his first skateboard injury. I know what you are thinking, “what an incompetent mom, how does she let her 18 month old skateboard?” Well the answer is I didn’t. Dad and one of his friends were outside with the friend’s electric skateboard and my husband was standing on the skateboard with Henri, so it was all good fun. But then Henri wanted to explore the skateboard on his own. He sat and played on it and my husband’s friend accidentally pressed the accelerator button and the skateboard basically flew out from underneath him. He landed on his elbow, cried a bit and just got straight back onto the skateboard. This to me was a sign of what lies ahead for us, a little adventurer. Not much has changed in the last 6 years. He is now 7 and has gotten into Scooting and Mountain Biking. My shattered nerves, this child has zero fear.

Just before my eldest second birthday, we had our first trip to the emergency room. He was holding on to the 2 dogs leashes and both dogs suddenly bolted away while he was still holding their leashes in his hands. He fell forward, but because he was holding on he couldn’t brace. He fell on his chin, on the tiles. At first, as he got up, it looked like we were very lucky and it just hurt, but when he got to me and I pushed his head back to see, it was just blood. He had hit the floor so hard that the skin on his chin popped open. My husband and I both decided the wound was quite big, so off to the emergency room we went.

Once there the ER doctor said that stitches would be to traumatic for him, so she will glue it shut. OH MY WORD !!!

They brought a big blanket and basically swaddled him with his arms at his side. My husband and 3 other nurses had to hold him down, and hold his head in position for the doctor to clean and glue the wound. So ok, this was a quicker way of doing it, whether it was less traumatic I’m not so sure. I off course, 8 months pregnant became very emotional at this site. I had never seen him crying and screaming like that.

The doctor then asked me if I was pregnant with a girl and I said no, another boy. Her response “sorry to say, but this will be the first of many ER visits for you guys”

There isn’t a day that goes by where my 2 boys don’t either bump their heads, fall of something or scrape themselves. I must say I have gotten use to it, it’s just part of being a Mother of 2 boys, but there are those really bad injuries every now and again that feels like someone is stabbing me in the heart when I see their wounds. I still can’t get use to that, I don’t like to see them get hurt, but you know what, it’s all part of growing up and learning.

I won’t be doing them any favors by not allow them their freedom to explore and try new things. I think that freedom and the possibility to try new things builds their confidence that they can do and achieve anything.

So to the pregnant first time mother reading this…if you are expecting a boy, get ready for an amazing, rollercoaster adventure.